2D and 3D Animation


We work with a full team of incredible 2d and 3d animators and artists who get excited about animation projects! They love what they do, and their excitement and enthusiasm has a positive impact on what we create for you. We will listen to your needs and goals and then create a complete script and storyboard of your entire animation. Upon approval, our animators will develop it and knock your socks off!


Medical Animation

Accurate, detailed, high quality 3D medical animation is a powerful way for medical, pharma and biotech professionals to provide medical simulations, product demonstrations and patient education. 3D animation can show detailed surgical processes in a way that is difficult or impossible to replicate in real life. The medical animation team we partner with has also developed proprietary software that allows doctors to use an iPad to interact in order to help their patients understand how a specific procedure will help them. Please contact us for more information.

Pharmaceutical Animation

In the pharmaceutical industry, using animation to show the MOA (mechanism of action) of a drug is a quick and effective way to explain to both doctors and patients the way that a drug or treatment works. 3D animation is an especially useful tool for illustrating the complex biochemical process of a drug and detailed intercellular activity – all of which makes it easier for both medical professionals and patients to grasp the advantages and effectiveness of the treatment. The animation team we partner with works with industry leaders in pharmacology to ensure detailed accuracy, as well as to create engaging animations that will accomplish your objectives.













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